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    • On meeting Micajah Burnett, the son of an old school friend, Eve Armanton is faced with a choice. Years of a miserable marriage means she's as broken as the beautiful antique violin she's just found, and Micajah offers a spark of life, an opportunity to reawaken her sense.

If Eve takes a leap into this new world, she'll be leaving behind her old self for good. Her happiness depends on forging a new life, but at the end of her journey who will Eve become?
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We’re giving away ONE proof copy of the upcoming release THE OTHER HALF OF AUGUSTA HOPE. It’s a heartwarming story for anyone who has ever felt like they don’t belong.

For your chance to WIN a proof copy, tell us why you love reading ‘up lit’ fiction (in 25 words or less). #uplit #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstoread #bookstagramit #tbr #proofcopy #giveaway #book #bookclub #bookobsessed
    • For millennia, dominant societies have had the habit of believing their own people to be the best, deep down: the more powerful they become, the more power begins to be framed as natural, as well as cultural. When you see how power has shaped the idea of race, then you can start to understand its meaning.

SUPERIOR is a rigorous, much needed examination of the insidious and destructive nature of race science.
    • The newspapers called her 'Australia's most beautiful bad woman'. Dulcie Markham was a key figure of the underworld of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, who, according to one crime reporter, 'saw more violence and death than any other woman in Australia's history'. Nicknamed the 'Black Widow' and 'Angel of Death' by the crooks, reporters and police who knew her best, Dulcie's lovers were stabbed and gunned down in the most violent years of Australian crime, the 1920s to the 1950s. Not always by her ...
    • When Paulene Christie started @slowcookercentral in 2012, she wanted to share her passion for slow-cooking with like-minded people online. Fast forward 7 years, and she has more than half a million followers, four bestselling cookbooks, and thirty slow cookers!

In Slow Cooker Central Family Favourites, Paulene has brought together 200 of her most-loved recipes - the new classics - that are guaranteed to please the whole family.
    • The Dragon Empire is under threat ... @kylie_chan_author, bestselling author of White Tiger, returns with the follow-up to Scales of Empire - imaginative, epic and a whole lot of fun.

Earth has joined the Galactic Empire, a vast interstellar society ruled by dragon-like aliens where everybody is immortal. Pain, famine and disease have been eradicated, but this doesn't mean the end of conflict.
    • 1998. A sixteen-year-old girl is found dead on school property, dressed in white and posed on a swing. No known cause of death.

Four girls know what happened.

They've kept their silence.

Until now.

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